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pic_13.jpgBefore you pick up the telephone for a locksmith, know one thing:  Not all locksmiths are the same!
Sure, many companies have the same services, similar websites and even the similar competitive pricing.  But Dr. Locksmith is different.

First, you’re not working with a big company, you’re working with a family owned  business.  We’re local.  You’re our friend.  And we’re your neighbor.  It’s not just a job to us.

Second, while you may consider us a locksmith, we’re more importantly in the service business.

That means we care more about making you happy and keeping you satisfied than anything else.  Our office staff and technicians are trained first and foremost in customer service. 
Let’s be more specific:  When you arrange an appointment, our technicians show up on time.  With the tools to do the job right.  If it’s an emergency you have, we’ll be out there, quick as we can.

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We have constantly strived to always enhance and improve our service and business. As locksmiths, attention to detail is everything.  If we’re off by even a hair, the door won’t close, the lock won’t lock, or the key won’t open.

As you can see, even though we work on things as common and every day as locks, we take great pride in our work.  And we take greater pride in serving you as best we can.

One more thing:  If yours is an emergency locksmith, don’t hestitate to call us immediately at 855-2DR-LOCK (855-237-5625).  We will be on site in 30 minutes or less, with the right locks, keys and tools to get the job done and dne right the first time.


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  • @drlocksmithThe Service I have ever experience, How did you guys do that? That was so fast its like i just call you 5 minuts ago?!