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Since 2001, Dr. Locksmith has been the go to locksmith for local customers who want a local, personal touch.

Regardless of whether the application is residential, commercial, automotive or industrial... whether the project is planned or it’s an emergency, Dr. Locksmith is there 24/7 for our customers.

While the locksmith industry seems like a rather simple business from a customer’s perspective, it’s actually quite daunting in terms of the variety of door locks, technologies, car locks, key types we have to keep in inventory, not mention all the different types of installations and mechanisms we have to be trained in.

It’s daunting when you start to think about it.

Still, since 2001 we’ve constantly strived to over deliver on our service with each and every customer and each and every job.

What’s most important to us is our response time.  Because usually, someone is waiting for the car to be opened... or a replacement key to be made... or the locks to be changed for a business.  In other words, someone is dependent upon us to get home safely at night... open the business door in the morning... or get access to import documents or materials.

It’s a responsibility we at Dr. Locksmith do not take lightly.  We realize, more than you may be aware, that your peace of mind is always top of mind.

Once we get a phone call from you, we’re constantly trying to figure out a way to get what you want faster.  Even shaving off just a couple of minutes is important because you could be waiting outside or you could be in your car locked out of your building.

Stated differently, time is of the essence.

But not only is time important, providing you with quality “hardware” is equally important.

There’s no sense rushing a job, knowing you installed inferior quality locks or locks not fit for the purpose.  That’s would be a travesty.

Because six months later, when the door key jams or the lock won’t lock, it will cause upset and frustration.  You’ll say something to yourself like “We just had that lock changed ix months ago!”  Not good.

That’s why we offer a guarantee and a warranty.  We want you to know, that not only do we stand behind our products and services but we also care enough to do the job right the first time.  And that starts with using quality products and materials.

Another thing that’s important is our service.  Again, you can show up on time, but if we don’t have the skills or attitude to do the job, you’re going to be displeased with the experience.  And we don’t want that at all.

Our customers speak glowingly of our service.  We want that always to be the case.  There’s a reason for that.

It’s because our heart’s in our work.  We take pride in making sure that you are satisfied and happy.

So those are the “keys” to our locksmith business success; quality products, timely response, and quality service.  We hope you’ll call us regardless of what you need. 855-2DR-LOCK / (855-237-5625).

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