The Uses of a Transponder Key

transponder key chipWhat is a transponder key? It is a gadget that is meant to transfer a radio signal from a hand-held device to a receiver that is remote. Usually, the keys are factory-made accessories, which come with a vehicle thus allowing the radio signal to pass from the vehicle to the key. These signals are meant to bypass engine immobilizers that are on-board as well as to unlock one’s vehicle.

Each key is programmed in which the key can only access an individual and specific vehicle. Moreover, the person who has possession of the unique key will be the only one to start the vehicle. By using this technology, these types of keys may lessen vehicle theft risk.

The benefits of using transponder technology are wide and varied. The primary benefit of these keys is that the technology used to program keys has led many vehicle makers and insurance firms to consider vehicles with these keys to be theft-proof. However, there are reports that thieves have found a way to circumvent these keys. They simply tow the car away.

Some carmakers are reluctant to release their key programming info to locksmiths for fear of theft; however, authorized users can access the key’s coding information. The idea that these keys make a vehicle virtually impossible to steal has created issues for some car owners, as insurance companies may find it difficult to accept that a car has been stolen.

When purchasing a vehicle that has a transponder key, it’s best to have a minimum of two keys. Keys can be lost; thus, possessing a valid and secondary key is significant. If replacing the keys is necessary, they can normally be made by a locksmith or vehicle dealer. The downside is that replacement keys may be expensive. The driver may even program his or her own blank key. The problem with that is that the procedure may vary by vehicle and needs more hardware and substantial technological understanding.

The technology was created in 1995 and the transmitter has a small micro-chip in vehicle key’s body. A key that has not yet been programmed can turn over or “crank” the engine; however, it cannot start the vehicle. When hooking up units, it may be more than 30 minutes for the transponder to align with the vehicle’s system as the systems reset. These car keys are available for various cars yet are more commonplace in higher-end models.

The key’s programming operates via a microchip that is found in the top portion of the key. The chip has a serial number and is set during the operation’s first programming. The engine/electrical control units (ECU) then transmits a message to the vehicle for the vehicle to confirm the serial number. If the vehicle is unable to recognize the serial number, the car will not start as the immobilizer of the engine will not be disabled.

Aside from keys, transponder technology can be found in other applications. These applications include automatic gate or garage opening remote controls, wireless alarm keys, and house entry systems that are wireless. The transponder key and transponder technology are very important to technology nowadays because they encourage wireless operation of devices.

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  1. MaxPeard

    Thanks for sharing@ I have a BMW 740li 01.. i was struggling for like 2 months to get the key duplicated, found out that locksmiths can do it through the VIN number..

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