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Key Cutting

Misplacing your house keys is a nightmare and if you don’t have a spare, you might have to find another way into your house. After that, you have to replace your lock or get another set of keys to your existing lock. Having another set of keys is important so you always have a back-up when you lose your keys.


Key cutting is the process of duplicating a key by cutting off parts of a blank key to mimic the grooves of an existing key. Locksmiths are masters of key cutting and they are the people you need to go to if you want to duplicate your keys. There are a lot of key cutting machines available because there are many ways to cut a key.


Key cutting machines usually work by tracing the key you want to duplicate and cutting that shape out of a blank key. Even blank keys have different shapes and sizes and you have to choose one that matches your own key. Some blank keys have a few standard grooves already but they are not suited to unlock your locks. Locksmiths often have a full set of these blank keys on standby so they can duplicate almost any existing key out there.


A manual key cutting machine operates by placing the existing key on top of the blank key and manually tracing the pattern of the key with a blade. The blade, ideally, does not cut the old key but cuts out the shape on the new key instead. After cutting, the edges are smoothed out with a wire brush. There are manual key cutting machines you can buy in hardware stores and use at home but you have to be careful when using it so you don’t destroy your original key.


Locksmiths also make use  of automatic key cutting machines, which require less effort. An improvement that this machine has over the manual version is that the blank key and the original key are placed on different parts of the machine. This means that the blade does not touch the original key. What happens instead is the machine traces the original key while the blade on the blank key follows its movements and recreates the shape on the blank one. The whole process is also faster.


Another type of key cutting machine is the laser key cutting machine. It works just like the automatic machine but uses a laser instead of a blade. These lasers cut the key more precisely than a blade.


Key cutting is a very delicate process because it requires making exact replicas of your keys without damaging the original. That is why people are always coming up with machines that improve the quality of key duplication services. With Dr Locksmith you can be sure that they use only the best key cutting machines to duplicate your keys. These machines, however precise they may be, will be useless without proper training and expertise. Poorly cut keys are often faulty keys that won’t work and can damage your locks. Entrust your keys only to the best and have them duplicated at Dr Locksmith.

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