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It’s not uncommon for some people to lose their keys or accidentally lock themselves out of their homes. Sometimes, you are simply unprepared and do not have extra sets of keys to help you, or a person with a spare key is not available. Before destroying the lock, or worse, the door, you can try to lock-pick your way in first.


Locks are meant to help keep you and your valuables safe but under unfortunate circumstances, they can also keep the owners of the house out. Ruining a perfectly good lock is a shame that’s why people try to look for other ways to get inside the house first. But when there is no other way, lock-picking is a great solution.


The locksmiths at Dr Locksmith are trained to lock-pick, which is a process of unlocking a lock without the use of a key. This is done by analyzing the lock and figuring out how to trigger the unlocking mechanism by using special tools. Expert lock-pickers can even use simple objects like paper clips or hair pins to lock-pick but some prefer the use of professional lock-picking tools.


Picking locks is an efficient way to enter the house if you find yourself locked out. Just give the guys at Dr Locksmith a call and they will be able to assist you. The best part? They provide service 24 hours a day. Lock-picking, when done right,  won’t damage the locks at all. And you can be sure that when you avail the services of Dr Locksmith, your locks will remain in their proper condition and you will be able to get inside your house safely.


Different locks require different techniques and Dr Locksmith know how to pick a variety of locks. For most doorknobs, the main task is to emulate the grooves on the original key. These grooves, when inserted into the lock, push pins up to different heights. These pins hold a cylinder in place, which when turned will unlock the doorknob. When these pins are pushed at the right height, the cylinder will be released so it can then be turned. The lock-picker would need a tool to push the pins and another tool to turn the cylinder.


This task of lock-picking often sounds simple but it is actually hard to do. With lock-picking, one cannot see these pins or the cylinder and have to feel around. One becomes proficient with picking locks with practice. The locksmiths at Dr Locksmith are trained in the art of lock-picking and as such, they would be able to readily provide you with a solution without having to resort to more drastic measures such as breaking down your door.


And because Dr Locksmith offers 24 hour service, their locksmiths can solve your lockout problems any time of the day. Their experienced locksmiths are experts at picking locks and equipped with high quality lock-picking tools. When you avail of Dr Locksmith lock-pick services, you can be sure that you get inside your house as quick as possible without compromising your lock or your door.

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