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Lockout Service

Locks are meant to keep your home and other valuable safe and secure. Investing in a high-quality and strong lock, especially on your main doors, is advisable to keep out unwanted intruders. For your own safety, you are advised to always lock your doors when you leave. But these simple but efficient locks can turn against you and become your worst nightmare if you find yourself kept out of your own home because of it. Locking your home and accidentally leaving your keys inside is a common and terribly stressful moment for anyone. Fortunately, there are people who specialize in solving this problem for us.


Dr Locksmith offers a lockout service to help you during your time of great need. They understand that you just have too much on your mind sometimes to mind your keys. This is why they studied and trained in the art of unlocking locks so they can provide you with the right service whenever you need it. Their lockout locksmiths have the skill set required to help you get inside your home safely and quickly.


Your first instinct when you get locked out of a building is to try to unlock the door yourself. Some try the credit card trick but it does not always work. Some people resort to destroying their locks just to get inside their houses. But sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures and some people end up destroying their doors in the process. Something this drastic can be prevented by simply availing of Dr Locksmith’s services.


Their locksmiths are trained to pick locks. Lock-picking is a very complicated process that requires a lot of practice and experience. Learning how to pick a single lock is already time-consuming enough but these lockout locksmiths learn how to pick almost all of the locks available out there. There are people who are not locksmiths who can pick locks and you can always ask them for help. However, avoid having someone attempt it if he or she does not know how because the lock might get damaged.


If you can no longer find a key to your existing lock, another part of a lockout service is to re-keying. Re-keying a lock means manipulating the configuration of a lock so that a new key can open it. By doing this, you would not need to change locks so you can get inside your building again. Dr Locksmith can manipulate your lock and provide you with a new key.


You can also decide to completely change your locks if you want a different type of lock a try. If you think that the security your existing lock provides is not enough, you can consult the locksmiths at Dr Locksmith and have them install a new one. Also, to make sure you do not lock yourself out again, these guys can also duplicate your new keys. This time, make sure that you hide a spare somewhere only you know about. But you may also not choose to do so if you are paranoid that someone might find it. If any time you find yourself locked out again, you can just call Dr Locksmith and they’ll be there to help you.

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