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Re-Key Service

Probably almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has lost a key and has had to resort to drastic measures to enter their house or open their drawers. After that, if they could no longer find the spare key, they had to change their locks.There are also people who have moved in to a new place and want to be the only ones with keys to their house so they change their locks. But these days, such a thing is no longer necessary. Instead, they can now opt to change the key needed to unlock the lock through the help of a re-key service.


Changing a lock requires disassembling the old lock and then unscrewing the parts. The holes left behind by the screws would no longer provide a strong foundation for the new screws to attach to. Because of this, the new lock will probably have loose screws and cause the lock to malfunction. Availing a re-key service not only saves you from unnecessarily buying a new lock but it also maintains the strength of the existing lock. Dr Locksmith offers excellent re-key service to help you regain access to your house.


A re-key service works by manipulating the lock so that it works with a new key. The locksmith changes the configuration of the lock so it fits the characteristics of the new key. With re-keying, the hardware is not tampered with but only the mechanisms that read and respond to the key would be changed. It’s important that you trust this job to an expert or else they might end up damaging the inside of the lock.


In the past, the inventor of re-keying made locks that could easily be re-keyed by the owners. But this did not restrict who could change the configurations of the locks. This was later improved by succeeding locksmiths and only they know how to re-key locks. This way, a lock can only be changed at the request of the owner and provide them with a sense of security knowing that only they can unlock their doors. You can be sure that with Dr Locksmith, your security and privacy is protected and you are the only one who has access to the keys for your place.


Availing of Dr Locksmith’s re-key service is a subtle way of changing your keys. This is especially valuable for people who feel that their security has been compromised. If people feel that an unwelcome person has obtained a copy of their keys, re-keying will disallow that person from entering but it does not easily give  away the fact that the lock has been changed. Also, if you have given someone a copy of your keys and no longer want them to have access to your house, having your locks re-keyed is a hassle-free way of making sure they can no longer enter your home. This especially applies to people who have changed cleaning services or after an old roommate moves out.


Unless you plan on changing the type of lock on your door, Dr Locksmith’s re-key service will provide you with a brand new key that will unlock your locks. This saves you money and takes less time to do than to change the whole lock.

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