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Safe Unlock

Safes are great places to hide your most treasured belongings. Depending on the type of safe you have at home, you can conveniently stash away your cash, jewellery, expensive gadgets or sentimental objects. Safes can either be unlocked with a key or by a secret combination and you can easily restrict access to it. They can also withstand tremendous amounts of force, thus, keeping your valuables protected from those who want to force the container open.


However, these safes would lose their purpose if the owner lost access to his or her own possessions. For safes opened with keys, it is very possible that owner accidentally misplace their keys. It also possible for owners to forget their combination and might not have written it down for fear of someone else knowing the code. Fortunately, you can avail of safe unlock services from your locksmith.


Locksmiths from Dr Locksmith are trained in opening different types of locks including safe locks. There are many different types of safes so there are also many different types of locks for safe. These guys can open your safe using various safe unlock methods.


For combination safes, Dr Locksmith can manipulate the lock to find out the combination needed to open it. This is the usual way of proceeding with safe-cracking in the movies, where the cracker listens to the safe as they turn the knob. For every right number, the lock responds a certain way. It is the job of the locksmith to feel and listen to find out which numbers will trigger the unlocking mechanism of the safe.


Once you have guessed the proper combination, Dr Locksmith can also help you change your combination. For safes that are opened with keys, they can re-key your safes and provide you with a new set of keys so the safe can be used again.


There are other ways to open the safe using special tools and you can be sure that these trained locksmiths will try everything. Only when all the options have been exhausted will they resort to drilling the safe. Dr Locksmith knows how much these safes cost, especially top-grade ones so they are careful not to destroy it. Aside from not damaging the safe itself, it is important that the contents of the safe are not damaged as well. Even when the locksmiths have resorted to drilling, they will do so in such a way that the safe can still be preserved. They will only do a minimal amount of drilling so the safe can easily be repaired.


After drilling the safe, Dr Locksmith can repair your safe so you can use it again. This saves you time and money from having to buy a brand new safe because the repaired safe will be good as new. Aside from drilled safes, Dr Locksmith can also repair malfunctioning safes. If you feel that your safe lock is faulty, it is better to get it checked right away to avoid being locked out of your safe. Preventing these incidents is much better since it is easier to repair open safes.

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